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We offer PADI courses at our dive shop. PADI, which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the world’s leading diver training organization with the largest recreational diving membership.

Please note that our prices include full equipment, tuition, certification card but excludes text books (required)

Our courses are based on three levels:

Entry Level

Advanced Level

Professional Level

Open Water Diver

This is the world’s most popular introductory course to recreational scuba diving. The course is split up into three phases:

1. Knowledge Development: You will learn theory lessons to understand the basic principles of scuba diving. This segment is usually conducted in the classroom but can also be taken online. Lessons will be based on a self-study manual which has five chapters. At the end of each chapter, you will be required to complete the knowledge reviews which will be examined by the instructor.

2. Confined Water Dives: To practice basic scuba skills. This is usually conducted at the Male’ Swimming Track. The course consists of five confined water sessions.

3. Open Water Dives: To put your skills to test under supervision. You will complete four open water dives during the course.

At the end of the course you will sit a final exam, and once you pass it will only be a matter of time before you become a certified scuba diver! Now you can buddy-up and enjoy a dive on your own to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

Duration: 5 days

Scuba Diver

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full Open Water Diver course, you can become a PADI Scuba Diver and dive under the supervision of an Instructor or Divemaster up to a maximum depth of 12 meters. This course is a shortened version of the Open Water Diver Course and only covers;

1. The first three of five sessions of knowledge development,

2. The first three of five confined water sessions; and

3. The first two of four open water training dives.

Duration: 2 days

Adventure Diver

Build your scuba diving skills by trying new types of scuba diving adventures. Try underwater photography or a wreck dive. Try a night dive to catch a glimpse of unique nocturnal sights. Perfect your buoyancy by taking the Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive. Broaden your knowledge by trying the AWARE – Fish Identification Adventure Dive. The Adventure Diver Course gives you the chance to try three dives of your choice. Each adventure dive may be credited toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty course.

Duration: 2 days

Advanced Open Water Diver

You can take Advanced Open Water Diver course straight after the Open Water Diver course. During the Advanced Open Water course you will get the chance to build your skills and strengthen your confidence by experimenting with new types of adventure dives under the supervision of your instructor including;

1.  Underwater navigation;
2.  Deeper water diving; and
3.  Three more adventure dives of your choice. This might include wreck diving, drift diving, underwater photography, peak performance buoyancy, AWARE – Fish Identification or night diving, to name just the most common choices.

Once you complete the Advanced Open Water course, you will be able to explore up to a maximum depth of 30 meters. Each adventure dive maybe credited toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty course.

Duration: 3 days

Rescue Diver

This course builds your knowledge and skills on preventing and managing diving emergencies including;
1. self-rescue,
2. managing stress in others,
3. rescuing panicked divers,
4. handling unresponsive divers, etc.

Duration: 3 days


Specialty Diver Courses delves deeper into the various types of diving, covering the technicalities of each type while teaching how to plan and conduct them. The following are the Specialty Diver Courses we offer:
1. Boat Diver
2. AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation
3. Deep Diver
4. Digital Underwater Photography
5. Drift Diver
6. Dry Suit Diver
7. AWARE – Fish Identification
8. Multilevel Diver
9. Night Diver
10. Peak Performance Buoyancy
11. Search and Rescue Diver
12. Underwater Naturalist
13. Underwater Photographer
14. Underwater Videographer
15. Wreck Diver

Master Scuba Diver

The highest rung for a recreational scuba diver in the PADI system, you need to complete;
1. The Open Water Diver certification;
2. Advanced Open Water Diver certification;
3. Rescue Diver certification;
4. Five Specialty Course certifications; and
5. Have 50 logged dives to become a Master Scuba Diver.


The only Professional Level Course we offer is the Divemaster course. The PADI Divemaster course is your entry into recreational scuba diving at a professional level and is a pre-requisite for both Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications. The training course will develop your leadership skills, qualify you to supervise dive activities, assist instructors with student divers and helps you to develop yourself as a role model. You need to complete;
1. Advanced Open Water Diver certification;
2. Rescue Diver certification;
3. Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care certification within the past 24 months;
4. Have at least 40 logged dives to begin the course;
5. 60 dives for certification; and
6. Be fit for diving by submitting a signed Medical Statement.

To help put your knowledge to test, Dive Desk offers internships for Divemasters in training.

Duration: Three weeks to six months.

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